Dublin’s Hellfire Club is regarded by many as one of the most haunted places in the world. It has been featured in numerous books on the paranormal published around the world, and with good reason. On our Ghost Bus Dublin Tours, we will take you there.

The ruined shell on Montpelier Hill is haunted by many spirits; some are the ghosts of people murdered there, others are more sinister.

The ghost of a woman screaming has been reported many times. She was murdered in the 18th century by members of The Hellfire Club. They imprisoned her in a barrel which they set on fire, before rolling her down the hill. Why did they do this? For fun.

The bored young aristocrats of The Hellfire Club would often kill for the sheer thrill of it, as well as sacrificing innocent people to The Devil. Often the victims were their own unfortunate servants. The ghost of a dwarf has been reported at The Hellfire Club and at nearby Killakee House. He was brutally murdered at The Hellfire Club and buried under the floorboards of Killakee House along with a horrific effigy of a demon. The remains of this poor young man were unearthed during renovations in the 1970’s.

Poltergeist activity is frequently reported at The Hellfire Club. In particular, women seem to be the target of an unseen figure which tries to pull jewelry worn around the neck. This entity seems to have a strong dislike for religious symbols, and even broke the chain on a crucifix worn by a woman visiting on our Dublin Ghost Bus Tour.

The terrifying spectre of a huge black cat also roams the area – it is said to be capable of speech, and has a disturbingly human face… So do be careful if you hear the sound of padded feet on Montpelier Hill.

Most ominously of all, The Devil is famously said to have appeared at The Hellfire Club during a card game. When his cloven hooves were spotted, he vanished, and not long after, the placed mysteriously burned to the ground. Visitors on our Ghost Bus tour Dublin frequently report smelling brimstone in the building, and it seems that The Devil may still make the occasional appearance!