Come with us on our Dublin Ghost Bus to the most notorious building in Ireland. The Hellfire Club was constructed in the 18th Century by William Connolly, speaker of the Irish House of Commons, for use as a hunting lodge. It was built on Montpelier Hill, on the site of an ancient Stone Age tomb, damning the place from the outset. In an act of sacrilege, stones from the cairn were allegedly used in the construction of the Hellfire Club building.

The rich young noblemen who used the lodge scandalized Dublin society. Their enthusiasm for sex, drink and depravity was well known. But far more sinister was their obsession with the Occult, and they used the building for their rituals, which included black masses. In particular, they were known to sacrifice black cats as offerings to their dark lord.

The entire area is a hive of paranormal activity. Nearby Killakee House is also the site of blood-curdling tales, and in 1970, the body of a dwarf was found buried under the kitchen with a statuette of a laughing demon. This young man, cursed to haunt this Earth for almost two centuries, is believed to have been murdered during a ritual at The Hellfire Club. The area is so blighted, that even people living at the foot of the mountains report a disturbingly high level of supernatural activity in their homes. Come on one of our Ghost Bus Tours Dublin, and see what you can feel!