Take the newest and most terrifying Ghost Bus Dublin, as it winds its way up the lonely Mountains to the world-famous and notorious Hellfire Club! Unlike some Ghost Buses, this is not a cozy storytelling tour. You are likely to encounter the paranormal up close and personal!

Our tour departs from a haunted pub that has stood for more than eight hundred years. En route to Montpelier Hill, we will keep you scared and entertained in equal measure, as we journey into darkness. You will hear of the ghosts of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and Marshes’ Library, as well as the story of The Dullahan – Ireland’s very own headless horseman!

And then you reach Dublin’s Hellfire Club - one of the most haunted places in the world. Everyone in Dublin has heard of it, but few are brave enough to go up there. Almost three hundred years ago, The Hellfire Club was the haunt of Satanists who used the building to hold black masses. Ritual murders were performed there, and it is said that The Devil himself has been known to pay a visit!

Built as a hunting lodge in 1725, the young aristocrats of The Hellfire Club practiced the black arts here, as well as holding their orgies of sex and violence. Drunk on scaltheen - a mixture of whiskey and butter, they would play cards until they became bored, and then would perhaps sacrifice a cat. Or an unfortunate servant…

The area is haunted by many ghosts, including the spirit of a young dwarf brutally murdered in a Satanic ritual and buried under a kitchen floor with a grotesque demonic effigy. His torment has lasted almost three centuries. Many people in the area have reported being terrorized by an enormous black cat – this dreaded elemental spirit can speak, and is the size of a dog! Worst of all, The Devil himself is said to have appeared here during a card game, and judging by the odd smell of brimstone people notice on the ghost bus tours, he may still make the occasional appearance!

What makes this the greatest Ghost Bus Tour Dublin? We don’t rely on people jumping out to scare you, nor do we take a humorous approach. We take you to the one of the most atmospheric haunted places in Ireland, and let the sheer horror of the place speak for itself. Between the grisly history of Montpelier Hill, and the genuine unease visitors feel, we don’t need to joke around to make our point.

This journey to The Hellfire Club on our Dublin Ghost Bus is not for the faint-hearted. But if you are brave enough, you’re in for one of the most fun and memorable nights of your life!


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